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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Amazing the people Jesus chooses

Jesus prayed and then chose twelve to be formed by Him to work for the reign of God. He did not choose the wealthy or the learned; he did not choose those in authority, those with power, or fame. Jesus chose humble, human men to be his Apostles. They were to be with Him - He formed them by being with them. These poor, simple men are chosen by name. Luke tells us that Jesus spent the night in prayer before choosing he twelve.
We, too, have been chosen; Jesus still calls us by name to be with Him. He knows our weaknesses, but He loves us and exchanges our weakness for His strength, our misery for His mercy. He is the Good Shepherd who calls us by name, who is with us, who seeks the sheep who strays...

I think I am now loving my solitude with the Presence of Jesus permeating the entire day. It is an amazing experience that this extrovert usually has only in retreat.

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