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Monday, January 19, 2015

What are you looking for?

Praying over the Sunday Gospel often takes several days. The first question Jesus asks in John's Gospel is directed to the two disciples of John who are following him: "What are you looking for?"
I seem to hear Jesus asking me the same question. He wants to have me articulate the answer now. Now, in this moment, what am I seeking? He waits for my answer and then invites me into His Heart!

I also continued reflecting on what I am learning in isolation. Here are the first seven things:
1. I am never alone because God is with me and leads me.
2. I do not really mind the solitude but perhaps it is the idea of not having chosen the isolation but had it imposed.
3. I can still follow an order of day and be productive.
4. I can still be joyful and grateful.
5. I want to be in control and do everything by myself; I want my medicine & meals on time!
6 I can procrastinate in isolation, too.
7. I miss people and spiritual conversations.

I know that I am learning to just slow down, appreciate the little things, the cards with words of encouragement, those who play Words with Friends with me, the letters, e-mails, that are so full of love. I read less and pray more.
Now the question Jesus asks is the same one found at the end of John's Gospel: "Whom are you seeking?
The holy religious living across the hall from me died peacefully early this morning. I am sure she went straight to heaven.

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