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Monday, April 24, 2017


Someone gave me Louis Evely's book on Joy. It is an old book first published in 1968 when I was in Chile, but he has seven stations of Joy beginning with Mary Magdalene, then the Disciples of Emmaus, then Peter, Thomas, Paul, Mary, and the Ascension.
The title of the book is just Joy.

Anyone who has been reading my blog over the years knows that I am addicted to joy - to all that gives joy to Jesus, to others, and to me. Serving the Lord in joy, with joy, through joy, is my vocation within a vocation. Hence, when I find a few quotes I like on joy, I want to share them.

"When you have become penetrated with the joy of God, all of your sorrows will turn into joy, all of your trials will be graces; you will recognize your faults, you will be sorry for them, and they will be forgiven so that they may become happy faults. They will remind you only of the goodness, the tenderness, the joy with which God forgives them."
"When you become penetrated with the joy of God, God will become God again, he will become a Father again, and we will again become his children."

I do not really understand the last sentence I copied, but I do want to be penetrated with the joy of God. Our present Pope is always reminding us that we are to be joyful. Let us spread joy to all today!

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