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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Second Station of Joy


I wrote my own stations of Joy many years ago. Perhaps it is time to do so again. But let us look at the joy Jesus gives the two disciples who have left Jerusalem very discouraged but still thinking and talking about the events of the past days. Jesus draws near, but they do not recognize Him. He asks then what they are talking about as they walk. They tell Jesus and seem amazed that He did not know. But Jesus wants them to tell Him. He asks: "What things?"
Now, as often as I have meditated on this Gospel, the other morning it hit me that Jesus still is asking us to tell Him what we have seen and heard. Of course, He knows it all, but He wants me to tell Him about my day, my feelings, and He is with me to help me, to explain, to give me courage. But I must also be like the two disciples who invited Jesus to come in with them and share their simple Sunday night supper. I need to invite Jesus to stay with me.
I am going to let you ponder this station alone. It is one of my favorite apparitions as it is so ordinary and yet extraordinary; the two recognize Jesus in the breaking of the bread and then they are filled with energy and return to Jerusalem! Their hearts were burning within them!

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