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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Stations of Joy

Evely, in his book on Joy reminds us that we have often followed the Way of the Cross. But then he asks us if we have ever followed the Way of Joy? He suggests that the Church invites us after Easter to "stations of joy" which should be as "much frequented and meditated upon as are the stations of the way of the cross."
This week, I hope to take us all on the Way of Joy. We will look at the account of the apparitions of the risen Christ and see how Jesus tried to awaken others to his joy.
Let us spend this time after Easter rejoicing with the Lord.
We give God joy because we are joyful, understanding what the Lord has done for us; Jesus suffered and died, but now He is risen and we sing "Alleluia, Alleluia!"
Evely says "The place we give to joy is the place we give to God." In the Gospel, Christ reproached his apostles for two things: fear and sadness. "Why are you afraid, O ye of little faith? It is I; have no fear." And then "Women, why are you weeping, whom do you seek?" Jesus goes out to walk with the two disciples on their way to Emmaus to change their sadness into joy.

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