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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Talking to Sophie

A Dialogue with Sophie

Me: Happy Feast! It is so good to celebrate your feast with my large community here at Oakwood. You took one of my good friends to Heaven last week and I miss her, but I am glad she is with you and God now and cannot suffer.

Sophie: I have been watching you during your months here at Oakwood. You have been here almost a year and done much, but you came with a strong desire to deepen your interior life. How is that going?

Me: Well, I have more time for prayer and love having daily Mass here in our Chapel, but I still have not made much progress in interior silence. God still spoils me though and I am so looking forward to our retreat which begins in four days.

Sophie: Yes, God loves you very much, but I count on you to be a true Religious of the Sacred Heart, both contemplative and active. You are now at a time in life when you may stress the contemplative side of your vocation. We are always going to be both active and contemplative, but your life here is a gift that allows you to spend more time with the Lord.

Me: I am really discerning how to create interior silence. I need your help.

Sophie: You have it; just be still and take time to be with the Lord; He only wants you to let Him love you. Continue to deepen your relationship with each Person in the Blessed Trinity.

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