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Friday, May 19, 2017

July will see me in St. Louis

We will be having an important provincial assembly in July followed by a Spirituality Forum that we began years ago and have held every two or three years, I think. I have been to about four and loved each one. They have grown to include Associates, faculty and staff from our schools, and alums; I believe this year we are meeting at St. Louis University because they are expecting about two hundred or more. Coming right after the Assembly is good for the travel part, but listening really is tiring for me so I hope I have the energy needed to follow the talks at the Spirituality Forum. I know I will enjoy seeing friends and the small group discussions are always fruitful. This Forum seems to be geared to our coming bicentennial as we begin celebrating St. Philippine Duchesne's arrival in 1818; she brought the Society of the Sacred Heart to North America and from here to Cuba, and South America.
This is a different blog tonight, but hopefully inspired by the Spirit.
It also means that I will be away from July 7-16 and not writing my blog during that time.

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