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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The silence of Mary

May is a time when we give special honor to Our Lady, at least in our hemisphere. In Chile, the mes de Maria was from November 7 to December 8 and the Churches were packed for all the Marian devotions every evening. On December 9, only a few would show up for the evening Mass that had been standing room only the days previous. I am contemplating the silence and passivity of Mary as depicted in this painting of Mater. Mater is in every Sacred Heart school the world over and beloved by all the family of the Sacred Heart. When I look at the picture now, I still see the open book, the distaff, but Mary is not using it. She is not reading, but she seems to be absorbed in prayer. The passivity of Mary here calls out to me now that I am retired and still doing many things. One thing is necessary and I need to learn how to just be still.
Mary was silent - interiorly silent so she could listen to God. Let us try to imitate her interior silence this week so we, too, may listen to God.

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