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Friday, May 26, 2017

The Sanctifier

Tonight we have graduation; our weekly visits with our seniors will be missed. I hope to keep in touch with Mike during his college years. Tuesday was a very moving goodbye with my third graders as we will be in retreat the next week and then they are out for the summer vacation. It is a real grace to have our retirement home on the school grounds so we can see and interact with the children. My six wrote long thank you notes and all remarked on my laughing with them and enjoying the stories. I really did enjoy them!

I am rereading The Sanctifier by Martinez which I first read years ago and still love it. Certainly, it is  one of the best books about the Holy Spirit. One of the community said it felt written by the Spirit.
The first chapter is about how the Holy Spirit leads us to holiness. The second is titled "Our Delightful Guest"; here is a quote from it:
The Holy Spirit's action "is not exterior nor intermittent, but intimate and constant. He enters into the depths of our souls, penetrates the innermost recesses, and takes up his permanent dwelling there to produce later on his magnificent work."

It is good for us to spend time with the Holy Spirit as we prepare for the Feast of Pentecost. I am happy to be in retreat the week before the Feast and then the week afterwards this year.

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