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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Joy is cultivated in celebrating

Today I am expecting Gabriela, my nephew's wife, who is bringing one of my college classmates to lunch with me here in Oakwood. That expectation of our joyful time together made me think of the expectation we had as children to get out on Easter morning to hunt for the many Easter eggs hidden in the yard. We also had Easter baskets hidden inside with chocolate eggs and bunnies.
Joy is increased, I think, by expectation. Today I have a great quote to share with you from Robert Morneau: "Celebrating springs from joy, but the roots of the virtue of joy are cultivated in celebrating. So dance, sing, send thank-you-cards, perform simple rituals for gifts given and deeds done."
This is from his book, Growing in Joy. I am using it again as it fits this season. If I repeat a quote that I have used in a previous year, it is because I do not remember using it and it is worth repeating!
Oakwood is also hosting the famous Spring Luncheon today in both patios, I think. I have not been here for one of these but it will be interesting to see where parking can be found for the guests.

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