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Thursday, February 8, 2018

58th Anniversary of Final Profession

The American group made our final profession in the Society of the Sacred Heart on February 8; that same day, it was announced that I would not be going back with them but was being sent to Chile. It was a day full of emotions. I had known since Christmas eve that I was to go to Chile, but was not allowed to mention this to anyone. I made the thirty-day retreat before profession deepening the retreat I had made in August with a famous French Jesuit, who impressed on me the fact that I am called to do what God wants, when He wants it, and how He wants it. That seemed a good program for life and the Holy Spirit did not tell me anything different in the January long retreat.
 I arrived in Chile on Valentine's Day. It was night but the Vicar and the Mistress of Novices who knew a little English, were waiting at the airport. It was quite hot and Rome had been so cold. February in Chile is like August here only no fans. In fact, when I arrived and for at least half of the twenty years I was there, we had no refrigerators, no washing machines, no heaters - things I had taken for granted.

I do not know how I began with these memories when I had every intention of continuing with the theme of wonder and amazement. Maybe I am still wondering why God chose me to go to Chile. At the time, I went for life. It was only after Vatican II that missionaries were to return to their own province every three years in order to stay in touch and later be able to return to that Province.  I am sure we can all find wonder in the way God directs our lives and showers us with His gifts. He is a God of surprises!

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