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Friday, February 9, 2018

Our sense of wonder connects us to the world

"The root of the word 'educate' means 'to care' - a caring that flows naturally from a deep feeling for the world. This kind of care seems to embody a type of wisdom that has nothing to do with information or knowledge in its restricted sense. Our connection to the world is not through information about it, but through a sense of wonder." John Wilson aka Paramananda

Now that quote is rather startling, at least it was to me when I first read it. Now it makes sense, but one needs to see the value of a sense of wonder to understand it, at least that is what I think. 

There is a sense of wonder when we are confronted with the mystery of the universe, the configuration of the stars, the planets, even the dark holes. Iain Matthew in his wonderful book "Dark Night of the Soul" says that "to be contemplative is to be a watch in the night for the approach of Mystery. And it is a readiness to be transformed in an engagement with that Mystery."  

Before God, we can only sit in wonder--wonder at the beauty all around us; wonder at the uniqueness of each human being, of each snowflake, etc. 

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