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Monday, February 26, 2018

His Steadfastness

"I have made your name known to them and will continue to make it known." John 17:26

As you taught day after day with poor results did you get disheartened? If the disciples seemed slow to cotton on to your message was it easy to keep smiling?

Heart of Jesus guiding us to the sabbath of eternity...

Pope Francis: "It is also important to ask for the grace of 'personal memory'; what has God done with me in my life? How has he made my journey? We also need to know how to ask for the grace of hope, which is not optimism; it is something else. Finally, let us ask for the grace to renew each day our covenant with the Lord who has called us." Homily May 2014

Reflect today on your own personal memories of how God has been and is acting in your life. Take time to listen to God! 
I think the Transfiguration of Jesus happened because God wanted to strengthen Him; Jesus took his three friends up the mountain to pray and God allowed Jesus to be transfigured to strengthen all of them for what was to come. I also believe that we are given special moments in prayer that help us to "Listen to Jesus" and be strengthened for whatever the future holds. This is the fruit of my prayer yesterday!

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