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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Know His Heart: His Disappointments

"Where are the other nine?" Luke 17:17

How did you feel when you gave all you had and no one uttered a word of gratitude? Was it heart-breaking when folks, once cured, forgot you in daily life?

Heart of Jesus restoring people to their intrinsic dignity...

Pope Francis: "Solidarity is a spontaneous reaction by those who recognize that the social function of property and universal destination of goods are realities which come before private property. The private ownership of goods is justified by the need to protect and increase them, so that they can better serve the common good; for this reason, solidarity must be lived as the decision to restore to the poor what belongs to them." EG 189

I am not sure why that quote was chosen but I am relying on the Holy Spirit having inspired this little booklet that I am sharing with you. There is so much to reflect on if we stop to think of the times we forget to thank; are we really grateful for the daily gifts the Lord gives each of us? Or do we contribute to the disappointments the Lord still feels as the risen Jesus still has a human heart that can feel ingratitude.

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