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Thursday, February 1, 2018

A Daily Check-In with Jesus

Checking-in with Jesus is something that we all could find helpful if we just stop and ask Jesus where we have found Him during the day. Look back on the day with Jesus and perhaps ask Him to help you to remember that all is gift and to give thanks for the many gifts of the day.
Jesus will help you to remember
- when did I listen to your voice today, Jesus?
-when did I resist listening to your voice today?
-when did I remember to turn to You to ask your help?
-when did I forget you and perhaps need to ask Your pardon for my lack of ........

We used to be required to make an Examen twice a day as the Jesuits and many others who follow Ignatian spirituality also did. I suspect it is not required today and many have given up this practice but perhaps more of us do reflect back over our day with Jesus in some way. It is a very healthy practice and I always suggest keeping a gratitude Journal as one way to do this check-in with Jesus. Try it and see if it is not helpful for your own spiritual life. Or invent your own review of your day with Jesus and see how this can be so fruitful. 

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