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Monday, December 9, 2019

Cyborgs, a new type of person?

This Advent I have been struggling to understand one of the last chapters in Ilia Delio"s Birth of a Dancing Star. I will try to give some of the main ideas that have impacted me. She tells me that the cyborg symbolizes the extension of nature into new forms. A new hybrid is emerging. "Technology is evolving nature in new ways.

Ilia talks about "Generation Z" (born between 1990 and 2019) and says they have" an intuitive grasp of cyborgs and transhumanism, although they are often unaware of their own technospheric minds...They are born into a world that has been rewiring and rerouting its planetary circuits since the beginning of the twentieth century...Today, the amount of information available is accelerating relationships of shared information through the vast web of networks." 

I am finding her thoughts on this younger generation helpful. She sees their sense of personal relationship is based on shared information, so that even personal identity is relational rather than self-reflective.
I guess that is enough to reflect on for today. All of this does connect with the mystery of the Incarnation. Just sit with it.

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