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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Slow down to keep the spirit of Advent

Today our Seniors from the Sacred Heart Society come with homemade brownies, cookies, etc. to meet with all of us in the Gathering Room. This gathering helps us realize that Advent leads us to Christmas and the coming of Christ into our midst. The students face final exams before the holidays. We will see them at least for another week before the exams. It is hard to keep the spirit of Advent when we begin early to celebrate Christmas, but I must confess that I am happy with the tree that went up at the nurse's station as I can see it from my room.

I am trying to cultivate interior silence during Advent. I do not need to read so many things that come on my I-pad; I do scan the news, but I am cutting back on both reading so many different things and playing electronic games. God's first voice is silence and He speaks to me when I am silent and still. We all need to keep a balance during Advent and safeguard time for prayer and reflection. 
Begin thinking of all that you are grateful for and then just sit in gratitude.

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