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Friday, December 27, 2019

The mystery of the Incarnation

I am continuing to share from Admirabile signum on the meaning and importance of the nativity scene.
"Life was made manifest"(1 Jn 1:2) Pope Francis tells us:
"In these words, the Apostle John sums up the mystery of the Incarnation. The creche allow us to see and touch this unique and unparalleled evet that changed the course of history, so that time would thereafter be reckoned either before or after the birth of Christ."
"God's ways are astonishing, for it seems impossible that he should forsake his glory to become a man like us. To our astonishment, we see God acting exactly as we do: he sleeps, takes milk from his mother, cries and plays like every other child. As always, God baffles us. He is unpredictable, constantly doing what we least expect. The nativity scene shows God as he came into our world, but it also makes us reflect on how our life is part of God's own life. It invites us to become his disciples if we want to attain ultimate meaning in life."

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