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Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Day after Christmas

We have had a wonderful Christmas here beginning with our "Midnight Mass" at 4:15 on Christmas Eve after Carols. Then we had on Christmas, another Mass and our Christmas dinner. In the afternoon, one group came caroling with hot chocolate with marshmallows.

To continue to give you a few quotes from Admirabkie signum, the Pope's Apostolic Letter on the meaning and the importance of the nativity scene:

"The birth of a child awakens joy and wonder; it sets before us the great mystery of life. Seeing the bright eyes of a young couple gazing at their newborn child, we can understand the feeling of Mary and Joseph who, as they looked at the Infant Jesus, sensed God's presence in their lives."

Am I sensing God's presence in my life? He came that we might have life!  

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