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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Learning and listening

First of all, one must learn new vocabulary to keep up with the new generation. I have just learned from a footnote in Ilia Delio's book, 
Birth of a Dancing Star, about "bemes" and "Menes". Actually, I am too old to be trying to explain some of this, but I do find it fascinating. Ilia"s footnote on p. 192 intrigues me. It is from her friend, Martine Rothblatt, "On Bemes, Memes and Conscious Things."  Rothblatt says, "these bemes--units of beingness-- are analogous to memes (culturally transmissible ideas) and genes but go far beyond them. Common sets of bemes will lead to a new "Beme Neural Architecture" (BNA), analogous to DNA. But while DNA expresses matter in a limited way, substrate-independent BNA expresses mind, and replicate with a speed and flexibility far beyond DNA, extend our consciousness, and survive beyond our fragile DNA," http//

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