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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Anniversary of my First Vows

 The season of Advent recalls the anticipation to make my vows on this day 68 years ago. We made our vows for life, but the Society accepted us for life with our final Profession which could not be made before the age of 25 and we would have another time apart, usually five or six months to prepare for our final profession. I remember the day vividly, or at least parts of the day. As I had spent my second year as a novice also in charge of the sports programs for the high school and seventh and eighth grade, I had permission to go talk to the children the afternoon of my vow ceremony. They were all gathered in the locker room and I actually stood on a bench so I could see all of them. I can still see their faces and recall some of the names!

Since I went back to John of the Cross's poetry yesterday, I am going to use a few of the verses I have highlighted from his Spiritual Canticle - I am using verses 17-19 where the Bride is speaking:

"In the inner wine cellar I drank of my Beloved, and, when I went abroad through all this valley I no longer knew anything, and lost the herd which I was following.

There He gave me His breast; There He taught me a sweet and living knowledge;

And I gave myself to Him, keeping nothing back; There I promised to be His bride.

Now I occupy my soul and all my energy in His service; I no longer tend the herd,

Nor have I any other work now that my every act is love."

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