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Thursday, December 10, 2020

One of my best spiritual experiences as a novice

 I took the habit seventy years ago on December 12, St. Madeleine Sophie's birthday. The six of us in my ceremony were in retreat for the three days before the ceremony. I had made or at least been present for the whole community's retreat in July, but remember nothing of it. I had just entered for the Feast of the Sacred Heart, was just 19 years old and apparently not ready for that eight day retreat. However, the three-day retreat before taking the habit was a revelation. It was made in private and I had been given meditations but what happened was that Jesus just came to be with me. I felt His presence in such a tangible way that I sort of floated in a cloud with Him for at least the last two days and I thought, "this is what a retreat is" - I have had many retreats with consolation, immense consolation and experiences of Jesus, but I still remember the presence of Jesus with me every moment of at least the last two days of the retreat. Now, I thank the Lord for this grace which I probably did not have the sense to do 70 years ago!

Let us go back today and thank for the many graces received that we may not have thanked for then.

I read today that gratitude and generosity go together. I know I am grateful, but not so sure how generous. Something to reflect on today.

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