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Saturday, December 5, 2020

 What do I really mean when I say or sing, "Come, Lord Jesus, and do not delay!"??

I find myself saying or singing softly, "Veni, veni, Domine Jesus,..." Yet, I feel that Jesus is here with me so why do I keep asking Him to come? It is the spirit of Advent to do so because there are different comings. We celebrate at Christmas the birth of Jesus as His first coming into our world as a human as well as Divine person. He chose to come to reveal His Father's love for all of us and the choice was not to be born in a wealthy, important family, but to be born in poverty and raised in Nazareth, living a mostly hidden life as a carpenter's son until he was perhaps thirty years old. Then the moment came for Jesus to call others to help Him as He went about speaking about God's Kingdom and teaching us to love one another. 

Then there is the coming of Jesus into our hearts. I think in some way this happens as soon as we are called to life in our mother's womb; we know that Baptism gives us the Presence of God in our souls. Do I understand this? No, but I believe it and have had moments when the Presence of God is very tangible and other times we just know by faith that each of us is loved by God who dwells in us.

The third coming is when Jesus will cone at the end of the world. We really do not know when or what will happen and I must stop writing about this coming, but in a sense, all we do during Advent is a preparation for eternal bliss with Jesus in heaven.

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