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Friday, December 4, 2020

A Reflection: Christ Loved and Awaited

Here is the Reflection I am copying from Give Us This Day from Oscar Romero: It was supposed to be for Monday, December 7th so now the second part will be on that date - once published, I can not do anything about changing the date- the reflection is from 2nd Sunday of Advent- thus two lighted candles! Maybe we are to begin to reflect on it now!

"Christ is now in history, Christ is in the womb of the people. Christ is now bringing about the new heavens and new earth.

Christ became a man of his people and of his time: He lived as a Jew, he worked as a laborer of Nazareth, and since then he continues to become incarnate in everyone.

If many have distanced themselves from the church, it is precisely because the church has somewhat estranged itself from humanity. But a church that can feel as its own all that is human and wants to incarnate the pain, the hope, the affliction of all who suffer and feel joy, such a church will be Christ loved and awaited, Christ present, and that depends on us.

The Christian knows that Christ has been working in humanity for twenty centuries and that the person that is converted to Christ is the new human being that society needs to organize a world according to God's heart." 

There is more and I will continue this December 7 as it is so true and Pope Francis is saying the same!


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