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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

"O King of all nations...."

 Today the O Antiphon is:

"O King of all nations and keystone of the Church: come and save man, who you formed from the dust."

It is good to go back to realize that God made us; we did not make ourselves. He is the Potter and we are the clay in His Hands. Let us be molded as He wants us to be. He comes to us at Christmas as a helpless infant. No one can be afraid to approach Him and He waits for each of us to come to Him every Christmas. What shall I give Him for His birthday? 

I heard of the death of Father Bill Barry, S.J. yesterday and he was such a wonderful man. His books have helped so many and I used his text in my formation program for Spiritual Directors and I am now missing him. I gave his book "God and You" to many.

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