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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lent Advances

Someone told me that she had been trying to get a picture of this face of Christ. Tomorrow is the Fifth Sunday of Lent and it seems to me to be going very quickly. These six weeks are to be a time of transformation with more prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. I feel that I have done so little. Lord, help me to run the race to the end and finish well.

I received a new book and will add it to my list as I am sure many of my readers will enjoy it. It is A Restless Soul:Meditations from the Road and is a selection of the writings of Henri Nouwen, edited by Michael Ford. These delightful excerpts from Nouwen's travel writings reveal both his soul and his spirituality as well as his varied interests. There seems to be much to apply to our own lives as we read of his travels through Russia, Europe, North America, Central and South America.

Today's Psalm 7 has a line to reflect on as it calls on God as the searcher of our hearts and souls. What is there in my heart and soul that I would not like God to find? What might I be trying to hide? Lord, open my heart and soul and show me what is not pleasing to you; help me to get rid of all of that and immerse my heart in the love of your Heart!

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