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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Surprise Visits

Jesus continues to visit us and loves to surprise us with unexpected visits. Sometimes he is waiting on the shore; sometimes he comes to us through the visit of a friend, a phone call, even an e-mail. He now uses others to touch us with his love in ordinary moments of the day. If we are attentive, we find Jesus driving with us in the car, going into the office and sitting with us as we tackle our overflowing desk, or walking with us to meetings and wanting us to acknowledge his presence and consult him. We feel his presence in the peace and joy that surround us even in the midst of some very long and tedious tasks. He is our consolation and never leaves us alone. He came to the disciples as they walked away from Jerusalem, bewildered and downcast. He appeared again to all in the Upper Room saying "Peace be with you." He still comes and tells us the same. Jesus wants us to share his joy. What is keeping me from rejoicing with Jesus today?

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