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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Jesus, Uncovering His Life, Teachings, and Relevance

I just began reading a book by Marcus J. Borg, Jesus: Uncovering the Life, Teachings, and Relevance of a Religious Revolutionary. I am adding it to the list of spiritual books that are really worth reading. This book, written by the author of The Heart of Christianity; Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time; Reading the Bible Again for the First Time and The God We Never Knew may be, according to the author himself, "the last comprehensive book about Jesus that I write." He tells us that this book has a history. Twenty years ago he wrote Jesus: A New Vision and this latest book was supposed to be a revision, but it is now a new book. His own understanding of Jesus and his pedagogy--his way of teaching about Jesus--have developed over the past twenty years.
Marcus Borg tells us that his book has two cultural contexts, the first century and the twenty-first century. It moves back and forth between the first century and our time. And he asks: How does what we can discern about Jesus then matter for now?
I have only read the first two chapters and will take it with me for Spring Break.
I hope to post a reflection tomorrow on the Fourth Sunday of Lent, but then I will be away from the computer for four days. Time for some good reading and reflection! I realized that since I have been writing this Blog, I have written less in my personal journal so yesterday I began a new prayer journal and hope it will help me to be in touch with God's action in my life on a deeper level and that it will help my readers, too, as I rely on the Holy Spirit to inspire these reflections.

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