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Friday, February 29, 2008

Sitting Beside Jesus

I will let you imagine your own image of Jesus, but go sit beside him wherever he is for you today. He may still be sitting in the desert, or sitting on top of a mountain, or near these falls. What do you think he is saying to you? Are you listening? Are the words audible to you? What do the eyes of Jesus tell you? And his gestures, his facial expression? Listen. Be still and just listen.
Now, what would you like to say to Jesus today? Don't hurry, but think what is most important to talk to him about today? You will not need many words for he knows and understands what is in your heart.
Now let him reveal his heart to you. He has told us to abide in his love. That is a good thing to do everyday. Try it today!
My course is just finishing a Unit on the influence of psychology combined with spirituality and there is a part on active imagination that I think really helps us to pray. Jesus is present to us but our imagination sometimes makes this truth more real to us. St. Ignatius of Loyola knew this and that is why he asks us to be part of the Gospel scenes; to put ourselves into the picture, to listen to the words, to observe the actions, and to see the people involved so that we can learn from our contemplation to love Jesus more, to know him more intimately, to serve him better.
There is nothing to stop us from sitting with Jesus today and listening to him!

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