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Saturday, February 16, 2008

As available as the very air of life...

I am again going to quote from Richard Rohr's Hidden Things: Scripture As Spirituality as what he says calls for our reflection today.
"God's eternal mystery cannot be captured or controlled, but only received and spoken as freely as the breath itself--the one single thing we have done since the moment we were born and will one day cease to do in this body! God is as available and accessible as our breath itself and no religion is going to be able to portion that out, control it or say who gets it.
Is not that the very meaning of Jesus' dramatic breathing on them after the Resurrection(John 20:22)?The Spirit has been definitively promised by Jesus and is as available as the very air of life! You can stop reading this book now, because nothing else I might say will be any better than that."

Since I am only half way through a first reading of Hidden Things, I was rather startled to find Rohr saying I could stop reading the book, but I did stop as this truth of God's availability is awesome and I sometimes take it for granted! It will give me plenty to reflect on today as I go about breathing in and out. God has made himself available to us at every instant. How can I be so insensitive to His constant Presence in my daily life?

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