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Monday, February 4, 2008

Preparing for Lent

Today is a day to think about Lent and all the needs of the world. I am using this picture of Jesus as a copy was given me when I was still in high school and, when hung in my room, Jesus always seemed to be looking at me with love no matter where I was in the room. I still feel that no matter where I am, Jesus is looking at me with love.
Lent is a time to make a special effort to please Jesus. It is not what I want to do for these forty days, but what Jesus wants of me. I spent time praying about it and think Jesus told me something about prayer, fasting, and service and all in joy. Lent is a time of transformation and therefore can be a time of joy as we are preparing to celebrate the joy of the Resurrection. I am not called to be gloomy, but to give God's love and joy to others during this time.
Now I am late and must stop here, but will probably share my Lenten resolutions at some point as each is based on a Scripture passage that came in prayer.
Now, spend some time with Jesus today and ask him to show you what he wants for Lent.

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