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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Let Lent be happy

From the Little Black Book that has six minute Lenten meditations on the Gospel of John: "Let Lent be a happy time of giving beautiful gifts to God and growing closer to God." That appeals to me. I think that we have been given this time to please God and that it makes us happy when we know that we are pleasing God!
"Lent is a time for us to plunge in and try to experience who we are. We can enjoy the exhilaration of clearing away anything that comes between us and God. That's not gloomy. Sometimes we think of Lenten sacrifices as painful. But the word sacrifice means to make holy. Our sacrifice is a gift that we give to God, as we take away anything that stands between us."

I don't think of clearing away anything that comes between me and God as exactly "exhilarating" but I am going to try to do this and see how I feel. I know I will have a happy feeling and hope it I will even find it exhilarating.

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