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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Help us grow in desire for you...

The opening prayer for today's Liturgy is"Father, look on us, your children. Through the discipline of Lent help us to grow in our desire for you."
Desire increases love and also increases our capacity to receive God's love. I feel that I am beginning Lent today as the week end was too full for me to concentrate on Lent. We had such a wonderful sharing among the 24 of us, all RSCJs "active, approaching 80 and beyond". We came together from all over; one had recently come back from years of teaching in China; two from an Indian reservation in California; two from Universities; chaplins; writers; hospice workers; parish positions; artist; psychologists; etc. and we all felt united from the first night. Our time together exceeded even my expectations and I felt it was worth all the time and trouble that the many details of planning entailed. On Sunday, after a last sharing on how we can continue to support one another, we broke into groups to see different attractions in Miami and then had a wonderful prayer and catered dinner at our school, Carrollton, hosted by the head of the school; an RSCJ herself, she gave each of us a different quote from St. Madeleine Sophie, who founded the Society of the Sacred Heart in 1800. I am copying mine here to share with you.

A soul totally given to the Holy Spirit...finds the secret of penetrating hearts; as it is not her who is acting, she has no though of self; she goes so far as to ignore that she is doing the good and has only one desire, to follow in everything and always the impulse of the Holy Spirit."
May I learn to live with only the desire to follow the impulse of the Holy Spirit!

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