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Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Friday

I had a great picture of Jesus on the shore and Peter in the water swimming to him with the other six in the boat with the full net over the side - I saved it but cannot find it again and I have spent too much time looking so no picture today!

The Gospel today is one of my favorites; it is John 21:1-14. Peter decides to go fishing. Six others decide to go with him. They are named by John so we know which of the Apostles are in the boat with Peter as they set out to catch some fish. They toil all night and catch nothing. "When it was already dawn, Jesus was standing on the shore, but the disciples did not recognize that it was Jesus."
Imagine how these men must feel. They are tired, hungry, maybe also cold and irritable or at least a bit disgruntled. But they do cast the net to the right side of the boat when the one on the shore tells them to do so; they cannot pull in the net because of the great number of fish. John says, "It is the Lord." When Peter hears that, it jumps into the sea to be the first to reach Jesus. The others come in the boat and find that Jesus has prepared breakfast for them!

I love the thought of Jesus taking the time to make the fire, procure bread and fish, and then invite his friends to breakfast. Sometimes, when I finish my more formal time of prayer in the morning, I seem to hear Jesus saying to me, too, "Come, have breakfast." Actually, Jesus served the seven. John tells us that "this was now the third time that Jesus was revealed to his disciples after being raised from the dead."

I seldom go to a movie but was asked to tell my readers about this one. You can read about it at: and decide if you want to look for a Catholic review of it. It is about a liberal pastor, his conservative priest assistant, and a prostitute and the theme seems to be forgiveness. I think, if I went to movies, it might be one that would be interesting to see, but I know no more than what I have said.

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