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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

International Online Program in Spirituality Studies

It is time to ask each to think about taking the International Online Certificate Program in Spirituality Studies. Please go to found on the St. Thomas University website under the School of Theology and Ministry for more information. I am going to be actively recruiting for the September course on the Spanish Mystics and Modern Spirituality. Maybe you know someone who is interested? If so, please contact them or e-mail me their e-mail address. Mine is and I welcome questions.
This International On-line Certificate Program has four courses covering the History of Christian Spirituality. You will read the great spiritual classics, interact with others from all over, and really understand the different ways that others have sought and found God through the ages.

I know from my former students how much this Program has meant to them and how much they have enjoyed all four courses. I am only looking for six students to join us in September so please decide now to make sure there is a place for you! Contact me at

I will begin publishing some "Letters" from Scotland from a former student and hope to have some contributions from present students, too, that I think you will enjoy. I will try to schedule ahead as I will be away from April 21 to May 9.

Reflect today on what you are doing to grow spiritually. The Program will help you immensely to grow in your own inner life.

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