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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sophie's Journal - 2

The circumstances connected with the foundation at Poitiers, the experience of having to combine the roles of local superior, Mistress of Novices and Superior General, all contributed to the growth of Mother Barat's own spirituality as she sought to form others. The shy Sophie, so recently called a "perpetual trembler" by Father Varin, was now training others to trust the Heart of Jesus, to wait, to be silent, and to depend upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Are not we called to trust the Heart of Jesus, to learn to wait for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and be silent so that we can hear his voice? How am I doing this in my daily life?
Sophie wanted to live her life under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. How am I developing a relationship with the Holy Spirit? What can I do today to remember the powerful presence of the Spirit in my life?

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