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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

I talked about this feast a few days ago as it is special for me. In Chile, when I was the head of the grade school, There was a huge statue, probably larger than life-size, outside my office. It was Our Lady of Sorrows and on the wall above her was a large bronze crucifix. When the earthquake of 1965 struck our convent the crucifix fell on the statue of Our Lady and smashed it to pieces. It was the first thing I saw as I carefully came up the steps. It is still a vivid picture after all these years. My office was all torn up with the books hurled from the bookcases. Worse still was my bedroom: the bed was covered with adobe bricks that had come from the wall! And I was one who never ran out at night when we felt tremors! The navy sent some men who declared the entire convent unsafe and they brought our beds down and set them up in the children's dining room and sixteen of us slept there for a long time. There was no water and no electricity for weeks but we managed and I think it was Our Lady who helped us during that time.

Tonight I was going somewhere with one of my community and a young man in shorts and sandals on a motorbike sung out in front of us and then proceeded to cross a very big, busy intersection without waiting for the light! We see crazy driving in Miami everyday, but this was unbelievable. He just seemed to think that all the cars would manage to miss him as he crossed six lanes of rush-hour traffic! He made it to the other side safely and must have caused his Guardian Angel to have some anxious moments.

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