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Friday, September 17, 2010

One feels small walking this path

My thoughts are still on following the path where Our Lord leads us and walks with us. It is different for each but what is important is that we set out and keep on the path and we will know which is the right one for us. I was talking with students at the University today after the Mass of the Holy Spirit. These were full of enthusiasm for college life this year. The group had all the leaders present and identified by the color of their shirts: student government, residence hall assistants, campus ministers, etc. Also present were all the athletic teams and they stayed together. I thought that most of these young men and women were just setting out on a path that would lead them through many places before they reached the end of their journeys. It was good to see them so full of optimism and joy. I think I had forgotten how it felt to be exploring new paths when not yet out of the teens. Actually, I entered the Society of the Sacred Heart two weeks after my 19th birthday so I guess I was setting out into the unknown just trusting the Lord and His Love. It has been a path full of many joys and graces mixed with some tough moments but I am grateful for all.

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