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Friday, September 24, 2010

Stormy Weather

We are watching another possible hurricane come our way. God has been protecting us during hurricane season so far and I cannot complain about stormy weather as long as the winds do not turn the storms into hurricanes. Yesterday we had rain and today only a shower of early morning rain. We have new plants in the front of the house that need to be watered as the rain does not reach them as the roof protects them. I will water them again. I made chicken vegetable soup last night as it is good to have for this stormy weather in spite of the heat outside. I like to prepare something for the week end as we do not cook on Saturday and Sunday but just "pick up" whatever we find. I guess I am the one who tries to make sure that there is something "to find" in our refrigerator.

I am not really writing to prepare Sunday liturgy because I have found so many places that do a great job with commentaries on the Sunday readings. Some of these are listed on the right side of the blog. I would call your attention to the blog, the Concord Pastor. If you click on the picture of the Bible in the blog you will find several excellent commentaries on the Sunday gospel. I am sure you will enjoy doing this and learn a great deal.

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