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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Lady of Sorrows

All feasts of Our Lady are powerful. I went to Maryville College of the Sacred Heart (before it was moved to St. Louis county and became a university) and the old building had a special chapel on the community side of the house dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows. Her feast day, September 15, has always been special in the Society of the Sacred Heart and we were allowed to visit this rather dark little chapel on her feast. I have found Our Lady always very present to me during times of sorrow and wanted to write about her today. The feast is Wednesday and I want to prepare for it by looking back over my life and seeing the times Mary, Mother of Sorrows, has been present to me. I remember seeing her once, I suppose I had a dream, and she was standing at the foot of the Cross and crying. Tears were streaming down her face and I knew that she had come to let me know that it was quite permissible to cry and to grieve but to stay standing at the foot of the Cross. This is still a vivid image for me and has often helped me.

I received this quote from one of our earlier Mother Generals, Mother Vincente, in the Sunday virtual prayer community weekly reflection on the Sunday readings;I like it and feel that you will, too.

"Finally, the Heart of Jesus is our consolation...In our doubts, in our temptations, after our faults, in our troubles...let us go to Him...let us open our hearts and speak of all that we love and regreat. If we open our hearts to Jesus, He will open His own to us..." (Taken from a letter of May 3, 1935 but so apt for me today!).
Mary always points me to Jesus.

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