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Saturday, September 25, 2010

More rain!

Another rainy day! It is a Saturday and I suspect we are all glad to be able to stay home and work inside. The children may not want to stay in and I remember how we used to chant: "Rain, rain, go away, come another day" so we could get out to play! I really do not remember all of that "chant" but at school we were allowed to sing in our silent ranks when praying for good weather for a special event. I have always loved rain when I can stay inside; driving in the rain in Miami is not something I enjoy. The sun has baked the oil into the pavement and so one can easily hydroplane on the highways and so there are accidents because your car keeps going even when you try to brake. Enough about the weather but I will say it is going to help me to clean out my closet today since I am staying home!

Yesterday, amid all the rain, I did go to the University as we were having a reception, a dinner, and a biblical lecture on St. John's Gospel. I love John's Gospel and enjoyed the lecture but what struck me again in prayer this morning was how Jesus tells us to "love one another as I have loved you." We must love with the love of Jesus as otherwise it would be impossible for us to love others as Jesus loves us for his love is infinite, unconditional, and universal; however, we must strive to be so united to Jesus that it is his love that passes through us to others. He went out of his way to help others, to serve them, and his compassion and love is shown over and over in the Gospels. May his love pass freely through me to others.

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