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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A New Path

I love this picture as it is a real invitation to walk down this lovely, shady path. There is a street near me that has branches overhanging much of it and the cool shade is always welcome; Miami has many streets where the branches of the trees on either side meet and make a green arch and I sometimes go out of my way to drive down one of them. Now, in the spiritual life we are often invited to try a new path. Are we attentive and do we willingly set out to see where it will lead us? I suspect that when we are sure that our Good Shepherd is inviting us down a particular path we respond with trust and love, but we need to make sure we hear his voice as he calls us by name.

My vision is, according to the doctor, fine and the eye will be clear again by the end of the week. I hope my spiritual vision is fine, too.

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