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Friday, September 10, 2010

Jesus seeks the lost sheep

I often identify with the stray lamb that just wanders away looking for something that would satisfy his present desire; instead he or she finds herself lost, perhaps caught in a bramble, unable to free herself. Then Jesus comes to find her. He frees her and carries her tenderly home. I love the image of Jesus carrying the lamb because I think that is exactly what Jesus does for each of us. We wander away, get caught and are unable to save ourselves and then Jesus comes and frees us with love.

I am grateful for the many times Jesus has come after me; for the desire he gives me to be with him and, above all, for the love which frees me and carries me home. I think each time we receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation we should be filled with gratitude that Jesus is seeking us, finding us no matter how far we have strayed, and then carrying us home.

This Sunday we have three parables in the Gospel. All end with great rejoicing because what was lost was found! Let us rejoice that we are unique and loved and the Lord rejoices each time we turn to him as he loves us with an infinite love.

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