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Friday, January 13, 2012


The picture from my file is labeled "Canadian Water" and I guess it says something to me today as we begin to communicate more with Canada.
We are growing closer to the Society of the Sacred Heart in Canada and I should be learning more about that beautiful country. I do know some Religious of the Sacred Heart as we used to have one novitiate. I have visited at Halifax where most of the elderly religious were living in a very nice house next to the school with their own Chapel.
I have not time for much reflection today but have been thinking about the coming Sunday Gospel when John the Baptist says: "Behold the lamb of God" and two of his disciples then follow Jesus. Jesus turns and asks them: "What are you looking for?" And they, maybe not having an idea and wanting to just keep their options open, ask Jesus where he is staying. Jesus says, "Come and see." And they go with him and stay with him that day.
I think Jesus is still asking us, "What are you looking for?"

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