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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jesus was humble, amazingly so!

Contemplating Jesus, we learn
from His attitudes and responses
how, in all our relationships,
to witness to the liberating power of His love.
In faith and simplicity we meet the other
as a unique person,
having respect and affection for each,
and a humility which enables us to be receptive.
Always, we are filled with hope in our encounters,
sure of God's power at work in us all.

When I contemplate Jesus in the Gospels I am so impressed with His humility. He told us to learn that He is meek and humble of heart - and it showed from His birth to His death!
Now, I will no doubt need to use this passage for reflection for several days. First of all, we have the fact taken for granted that we are contemplating Jesus. And that we are learning from His attitudes and responses! What are we learning? How am I contemplating Jesus daily?
Is His Heart an "open book" for me? How are His attitudes, values and choices affecting my life?
More on this passage tomorrow.

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