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Monday, January 2, 2012

This is a special year! Today is the Feast of Sts. Basil and Gregory

I love these two 4th century bishops who were friends who studied together and then both loved the monastic life before being named bishops. Basil was a great bishop but Gregory soon retired to a more monastic life as he was more contemplative and a poet without Basil's gift for administration.

I think this is a special year because we are asked to study and pray over our Constitutions. I received a gift of a calendar with quotes from the Constitutions of the Society of the Sacred Heart from England from one of my dear friends in the English Province. It made me think that I could use the Constitutions this month to share some of our spirituality in my blog. It helps to have a theme for the month but my reflections seem just to come from the Holy Spirit when I sit down at the computer. However, this theme seems to be the inspiration to start the year with and I think it will profit all of us.

Helen McLaughlin, our Superior General at the time of the adoption of our new Constitutions, wrote: "Let us welcome these Constitutions in a spirit of deep faith and let us allow the Holy Spirit to call us forth through these texts, so that the written work becomes truly life-giving ...we need to pray over them, deepen them, absorb them and above all love them."

I think my favorite passage (impossible to name just one but I keep going back to this one) is "For us, life, community, apostolic service, all spring from our union and conformity with the Heart of Jesus."

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