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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Eve of Epiphany

Today is Saturday and I am thinking of the expectation of the three wise men as they follow the star to find Jesus.
I find that there is something that happens when I sit in silence and let go of all my thoughts. I am immersed in God's love and feel so much peace and joy. I wonder why I do not try to pray this way more instead of having my head going around and around full of thoughts that really are not important.

I was reading the webpage of the England-Wales Province (the link is on the right side of my blog under Society of the Sacred Heart and it works now and is worth looking at. They have some of the Religious in the Province describing their prayer and I think this is a joy to be able to read about their experience and that they are able to articulate it.

My own morning hour of prayer seems to be a "hodge-podge" of some reading, some reflection, some silent time when I often feel that I am in the Heart of Christ; I also find myself sometimes praying for the world. One of my friends prays with her Christmas cards so that each sender has a special day of remembrance in prayer. I do pray for all who sent cards, but usually do it all at once. I am not so organized to be able to remember to take a card a day. However, I look forward to my morning prayer and usually manage to prolong it; going to noon Mass makes that the center of my day and then I look forward to having more time for prayer in the late afternoon. It is the joy of this year to have more time for prayer, but when I entered we had even more and I am just gradually trying to take back the contemplative moments that we had built into our days. Epiphany is a feast to take time to adore God who has come as a human infant to be like us in all except sin.

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