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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Feast of the Epiphany

The Three Kings followed the star and it led them to Jesus. Perhaps they were not really kings, but certainly they were wise-men! They left all and set out for the unknown. I was given my obedience for Vina del Mar on Christmas Eve; at that time we went on the missions for life. I did not even know where I was being sent and the Superior General told me it was to a school in Chile. Now, I knew nothing about Chile and did not know Spanish, but I set out to find Jesus wherever I was sent. Of course, Jesus was with me and helped me at every instant not only on the journey but when I arrived. I guess following the star has been part of my life, but I do admire the courage of these three and their faith. They found Jesus and adored Him! What more do we want? Then they were sent home by a different way!

I suspect we all have a special star to follow. I have found that my star is joy and I think each year has brought me so much joy. Once we follow our star we cannot return by the same way; we have found Jesus and now our lives are different. Let us stay attentive to our star that leads us to Jesus. We also thank on this feast for the manifestation of the star that leads to Jesus and we adore Him and offer Him the gift of ourselves.

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