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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ash Wednesday was a week ago

This is leap year and a day to rejoice even if we are in Lent!
I am working on my laptop and do not. see the picture I tried to download. I feel that Lent is flying by and I have not really kept most of my good and fervent resolutions. I guess my having broken them means they are good ones as far as being needed. It is humbling to know that I fail what I propose but I begin again each day and think that is what is important.

To continue reflecting on the spirituality of the Society of the Sacred Heart which is, of course, my spirituality, I am going back to the WHOLE idea of our option for the poor and what that means for us today. Many, even in the United States, are working with people who live below the poverty level - we work in Harlem, in an Indian mission in California, in many institutions that care for battered women, immigrants, prisoners, etc. I think the fact that we are realizing that justice, peace, and the integrity of creation are rooted in our charism means that we will increase our efforts of working for JPIC (our shorthand for justice, peace, integrity of creation. I think we will be looking at new ways to take a stance on justice issues when we have our Provincial Assembly in July.

This week is Spring break at St. Thomas University. Our law students are all helping people file tax returns and one of my community has been learning to do the same. I remember one April 15 when I was still studying at St. Louis University and was waiting for the light to change to cross the street. A rather famous Jesuit came up to me and said, "Helen, I thank God I do not have to pay taxes!" The light changed and that was the extent of our conversation but the joy on his face when he said that to me has stayed with me and makes me grateful every year that I do not need to go through all the bills paid during the year, income received, etc. I guess one learns to be organized about filing all that is needed, but I am just grateful and pray for those who are now busy trying to prepare their taxes.

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