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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Calm Vero Beach

I was just e-mailing a friend in Vero Beach and so you are seeing a picture from there. I finally feel that the head cold I came home with from Arizona has departed as suddenly as it came. It certainly took all my energy so I am still trying to catch up with friends and many e-mails. I am cooking tonight so need to get out a cookbook to make something new and different with what we happen to have at home.
Tomorrow I will be making a day of retreat at the retreat house in Miami, Morning Star and I look forward to that and getting a good start on Lent. I am still praying about what the Lord wants me to do and not do during the next six weeks to grow closer to Him. I see it as a time for renewal so we are able to be more intimate and enter into His sufferings, death, and resurrection.
I suggest we all take a bit of time to be quiet and listen to God today as He may want to tell us how He sees us spending the next six weeks; silence is God's first language; everything else is translation. That gem is from Father Keating!
Have a good day!

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